Génissac, little village of 13,04Km², located at 40m high, near to Libourne, Moulon, Cadarsac, Nerigean and Arveyres.

It’s a village with an exceptional soil.

Located on gravelly soil, Genissac gives the advantage of wine structured production thanks to its unrepeatable.

Château Caminade Haut Guérin is located in this village, in front of prestigious appellation such as Pomerol or St Emilion.

The Vineyard stretch over 53 hectares divided in Merlot (80%), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) and Cabernet Franc (10%).

Concerning our white wine, we have one hectare of Sauvignon Blanc, one of Semillon and one of Muscadelle.


Château Caminade Haut Guérin exploitation is composed by two terraces on the upland of Génissac.

The soil is a mix of clay and grave.

Vine stocks take root within stones which covering the soil, which gives to the wine an exceptional maturity.

This land is one of the best among Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérior’s appellation, thanks to its geographical area.

The wine production of our red wine consists in an extraction of the color and tannins of the grape seed and skin. The main goal is to create a wine which conciliates finesse and capacity to become ageing.

Concerning the livestock, the production is divided in two parts, one part is stock in inox vat for 12 months, which permit us to control the evolution of our wine and carry out the best mix for our red wine. The other part (30%) is racked into barrel for 12 months.



Vignobles Caminade

1758 route de Moulon 33420 Génissac

Tél : 0557502972 Fax : 0557244058  contact@chateaucaminadehautguerin.com